With Snake Tray the only thing you cut is your construction costs!

The patented hand bendable design allows installers to create turns in 10 seconds versus 20 minutes with wire mesh cable tray.

Built-in mounting hardware gives Snake Tray an installation cost saving advantage over any other cable tray system on today's market!

An extensive range of patented products eliminate labour intensive onsite fabrication associated with the more traditional containment types.

The system uses less hardware enabling two trays to be connected in around 15 seconds. The flexibility of Snake Tray facilitates on-the-spot directional changes without any tools or cutting of any component, the snake-like backbone may be hand-bent in any direction without fear of kinking and can handle hundreds of different bends, as required. The trays will stack for easy handling, reduced storage and gives a lower overall shipping cost.

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Installation – Just Bend It!
Faster, easier onsite installation with no field fabrication.

No additional parts or tools to buy.

Built-in Mounting/Hanging Hardware
Reduces cost, no additional hardware required.

Quicker to install.

Single Connection
Connect trays in just 15 seconds with a single connector bolt.

One connection creates mechanical/electrical bond and creates a high frequency drain.

Hangs from a Single Point
No attachment hardware required (no strut or trapeze).

Less labour required. Easier to work in tight spaces.

Trays Nest Together. This gives a lower freight cost & less onsite material handling.

Open architecture
Drop-in cable loading.

Quality and Service
Snake Tray ships from UK held stock the day it is ordered.

Made in the UK.