Intelligent Boiler Energy Management System - Easy installation and immediate savings.

In a typical application, boilers will lose heat to their surroundings, regardless of the fuel source or existing controls. By adding our intelligent monitoring system this inefficiency can be mitigated.. Image Description

These losses are known as ‘standing losses’ and can therefore be responsible for over 20% of the energy consumed being lost to the atmosphere. As this heat is lost, the boiler will fire to compensate for the reduction in its own core temperature, regardless of whether or not there is a genuine heating demand. Failure to address this inherent inefficiency will often result in this cycle repeating over and over, wasting energy and diminishing the life of the boiler by running it unnecessarily.  This cycle is known as ‘short’ or ‘dry cycling’.

Electrical connections consist of a permanent supply (L,N&E) emanating from the boiler circuit. The ‘input’ & ‘output’ control cables effectively divert the switch wire between the boiler thermostat and the fuel valve via the iBEMS unit. Image DescriptionPre-wired plug & play temperature sensors are colour coded indicating flow & return connections.

Are your boilers compatible?

To identify how much you can save with iBEMS, please forward us a list of your boilers including site reference, make, model, KW output and approximate age and we can arrange a no obligation desktop analysis.

Alternatively contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Typical energy savings of 10 – 20% on atmospheric & forced draft boilers.
  • No conflict with existing BMS & HVAC controls.
  • Intelligent algorithms to match boiler loads and maximise efficiency.
  • Typical return on investment 4 months to 2 years.
  • Designed for gas, oil & LPG boilers output:  ≥30KW/100,000BTU.
  • Targets & mitigates ‘short’ or ‘dry cycling’.
Image Description

Advanced Features

  • Engineers access for bespoke integration
  • LCD screen indicating mode, status, percentage savings and flow & return system temperatures.
  • Bypass switch for Service Engineer.
  • Facility to select bespoke flow and return temperature limits.
  • Hard anodised aluminium enclosure.

Technical Info.


Technical Data
Mains power voltage: 230V
Boiler control voltage:
iBEMS-C-101 230v AC
iBEMS-C-201 12 – 24v AC
iBEMS-C-301 12 – 24v AC
Current rating: 1 Amp
Ingress protection: IP54
Temperature sensor resolution: 0.1°C
ROHS & CE Compliant.