ECN Product

Rapid Deployment, easy installation and attractive pricing ensure that your project, however complex, is delivered on time and on budget.

ECN Product
Available in 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.6m long sections, fully contained and fully plugabble allow enough variants so that your power distribution can handle any floor plate layout. Image DescriptionWith Standard, Clean Earth, Dual Circuit and 3 Phase systems to choose from you can be assured that any power requirement  is easily and safely implemented.
Mechanically and colour coded, the Powertrack Tap-offs give the flexibility demanded by the market while ensuring that mismating between systems is negated. Image DescriptionAll tap-offs are designed with the requirements of the wiring standard BS7671:2008, including section 543 (High Integrity Earthing).
With an End Feed unit that has been designed with more space for SWA and MC cable termination but still manages to deliver a floor void requirement as low a 60mm. Image DescriptionAnd an interlink unit to facilitate corners or difficult areas fo install, the Apex Powertrack system has flexibility built in.
By offering a complete range of per-wired, pre-assembled, tested floor boxes, a fully pluggable solution is achieved greatly reducing the number of electrical terminations on site. Image DescriptionAvailable in 3 and 4 compartments as standard these Floor Boxes, plates and accessories are also available as a non wired unit ensuring full co-ordination thoughout your project.

Technical Info.


Electrical Characteristics
Rated Current 63 Amps
Rated Voltage 230/400 Volts
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Conditional Short Circuit Rating (Protection Device) 16 KA
Volt Drops Line & Neutral
Power Track 3.68 mV/A/m
Track Connector 0.4 mV/A
Tap-Off 0.4 mV/A
Interlink 2.7 mV/A
Ground Fault Loop Impedance
Line to Ground (Casing) 2.7 mΩ/m
Line to Ground (Conductor) 3.3 mΩ/m
Line to Ground (Conductor + Casing) 2.7 mΩ/m
Tap-Off 0.7 mΩ
16mm 3.1 mΩ/m
Interlink 2.0 mΩ
4mm 12.0 mΩ/m
Mechanical Data
Number of Copper Conductors 2,3 or 5
Conduit Cross Sectional Area (Nominal) 19 mm
Cable Termination Capacity 16 mm
Tap-Off Cable 20 Amp 4 mm²
Tap-Off Conduit Sizes O/D 16 mm
Flexible Interlink Cable 63 Amp 16 mm²
Feed Conduit Entry 25 mm
IP Rating 40
Minimum Void Depth (Track + Tap-Off) 55 mm
Material Specification
Power Track Casing Galvanised Steel
Conductors Copper Alloy
Power Track Insulators POM
Sockets / Tap-Off Plugs / Joint Moulding Polycarbonate LSF
Shutter POM
Tap-Off / Interlink Flexible Conduit Galvanised Steel
Tap-Off / Coupler Blade Brass
Feed Unit Case Galvanised Steel
Feed Unit / Flexible Interlink Housing Galvanised Steel