A Proven Record of Reduced Labour Demand for Sub-Mains Installations!

With fully tested electrical connections straight to the site from a quality controlled environment there is almost no potential for error, meaning that snagging has limited impact on programme and testing is a much improved process.

When you purchase your PC would you expect to spend hours or even days hard wiring between the screen, server, printer and mouse… No!

You simply plug together the equipment with cable assemblies designed for the job knowing it will work first time, every time. You can now achieve the same results, termination free, when wiring your building with the Apex Wiring Solutions Modular Wiring System. Whether you are constructing a hospital, office, school, retail space or residential unit AWS have the complete solutions from distribution board to final accessory or light fitting.

With professional teams in all areas of the construction industry under increasing pressure to complete projects on time and on budget at the same time as a gradual decline in the affordability of qualified onsite labour, coupled with encouragement from the Government into “modern construction methods”, the current market focus is on faster, more efficient, more environmentally friendly products and techniques.. Image Description Apex Wiring Solutions have introduced a Flexible Cabling System which replaces the traditional wiring of electrical sub-circuits, with a rapid and easily installed range of advanced prefabricated connector and cable assemblies, reducing installation time by up to 70%

A complete pluggable installation is achieved quickly and safely by simply connecting the system components and offers ;-

  • Improved Project Performance
  • Reduced Installation Times
  • Reduced Skilled Tradesmen On Site
  • Reduced Snagging
  • Reduced Waste
  • Increased Site Safety
  • Assured Quality
  • Factory Assembled




Using a few standard system components made from high quality aluminium extruded enclosures and die-cast aluminium connector housings in conjunction with a comprehensive, fully engineered system layout design a complete pluggable electrical installation is easily achieved. The armoured components afford tremendous mechanical strength and protection at the same time being light-weight, greatly facilitating ease of installation. Because there’s no need to bend, thread, install the traditional galvanized conduit, you don’t need to use special tools and there is no need to pull the individual wires through the conduit.slide_1The typical system is made up from a multi-circuit MDB (Master Distribution Box) carrying 6 or 9 circuits to a specific area, from there using a number of extender cables, T’s (for wall drops or luminaire connections) & Switch Blocks (to facilitating switching without the need for any wiring) single circuit connections are made by simply plugging the components together.

slide_7 Fixing the cable to the wall is done by using standard cable ties and it can also be routed in ducts or containment if required. The armoring will also help to reduce EM interference caused between the installed power system and network or telephone cables.The system has been designed to cater for a number of various lighting and power requirements from a standard 3 wire configuration to 4 wire 607 power and 6 wire emergency lighting with dimming. The wiring layout can also be configured with a bus cable allowing integration into an intelligent lighting control and/or a Building Management System.gallery_6
Technical Data System
Rated Voltage 240v/415v
Frequency 50/60Hz
Operating Temp 85°C
Approvals (Connectors)
VDE 0625,
VDE 0628,
IEC61535 (draft)
Approvals (System) BS5733:2010
Connector Housings Cast Aluminium Alloy
Enclosures Extruded Aluminium Alloy
Galvanised Steel
Flexible Conduit Aluminium Tape (0.019″ x .5″)
Steel Tape (0.019″ x .5″)
Cable BASEC approved BS7211, LSOH 6491B
LF318_B 300/500V, LSZH Insulated,LSZH Sheathed
Connectors Polyamide 6.6 UL94-V0 Halogen Free


For environments where full mechanical protection is not required above the ceilings Apex Wiring Solutions have developed a range of factory assembled and tested system components to facilitate rapid and cost effective project installation and completion.

Image Description

Typically, using the Armoured System to carry multi-circuits around a building and down the corridors (or “high street”), connections within rooms are made using Low Smoke Zero Halogen leads and accessories. Wall drops for lighting, dado trunking and power sockets are supplied pre- assembled within armoured conduit for mechanical protection, where required.

For lighting, whether the design is built around daisy chained luminaires switched by traditional switching methods, uses Lighting Distribution Units (LDU) or Lighting Control Modules (LCMs) or is fully integrated into a Building Management System (BMS) the Flexible Wiring Solution offered by Apex covers all current requirements.

Product Specification
Rated Voltage 400v / 6Kv /3. IEC60664
Rated Current Max 25A
Rated Current Conductor 4mm² 25A
Rated Current Conductor 2.5mm² 20A
Rated Current Conductor 1.5mm² 16A
Existing VDE 0628, DNL,UL (CCA procedure EU)
Under preparation VDE 0627, EN / IEC61535, LR, GL
Insulation Parts Nylon 6.6 V0 Halogen Free
Contacts Copper (or copper base alloy)
Clamping Springs CrNi steel
Screws Steel, galvanised and chromated
Cable BASEC approved BS7211, LSOH sheathed cable with stranded conductors


By overcoming a number of constraints within traditional electrical installation methods, Apex Wiring Solutions have eliminated onsite electrical connections and completely removing the need for noggins.

Using only a small number of pluggable components the Evo range provides a pre-engineered, safe and rapid installation straight from the box. The solution delivers a reduction of direct site labour, maximises efficiency, facilitates project management and accelerates programmes.

Cable Assemblies

  • 19mm maximum diameter
  • 1.5mm², 2.5mm² & 4mm² cable
  • Factory assembled & 100% tested
  • 3, 4, 5 & 6 wire configurations
  • Colour coded to aid installation
  • Available in 1m increments up to 20m
  • In Low smoke zero halogen as standard


Product Specification
Rated Voltage
Rated Current Max 32A
Rated Current Conductor 4mm² 25A
Rated Current Conductor 2.5mm² 20A
Rated Current Conductor 1.5mm² 16A
Current EN / IEC61535
Under preparation na
Insulation Parts Nylon 6.6 V0 Halogen Free
Contacts Copper (or copper base alloy)
Screws Steel, galvanised and chromated
Cable Description