A Durham-based manufacturer is seeking a new Business Development Manager to drive their Core Division sales.

Apex Core – which designs, tests and builds prefabricated utility cupboards – was formed 18 months ago and is already outstripping original growth targets, as the construction industry has quickly realised the unique advantages of its offsite utility solution.

The Apex Core provides a central hub for heating, ventilation, electrical, communication and metering services, scalable for any property. Available in a full cupboard or simple panel format, Core arrives on site fully tested and ready-to-install.

A proud UK manufacturer, Apex Core has grown throughout the last year, despite desperate global economic conditions, and is now offering a motivated, enthusiastic individual the chance to spearhead its sales strategy and continue the evolution of the business.

Apex Core has built the UK’s largest purpose-built, prefabricated utility cupboard manufacturing facility and enjoyed significant growth in turnover, profit and headcount.

2021 will mark a key change in the business, as it grows its UK client base.

Managing Director, Dave Lewis, said: “We launched Apex Core because of the potential it had to increase safety, speed and efficiency across the construction industry – a single-unit solution to utility installation.

“However, once the pandemic hit, it was apparent that there was another, hugely important benefit, it is ideal for aiding socially distanced working, as installation requires far fewer tradesman working in confined space.

“The construction industry is waking up to the potential of the utility cupboards and as more constructors,M&E contractors and project designers embrace the innovation, our new Business Development Manager will work with them to deliver bespoke, reliable Core units.”

The new role offers excellent salary, bonus scheme and the opportunity to shape the future of one of the UK’s most exciting young manufacturers.

“We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about innovation and can transfer that enthusiasm to others,” added Dave. “In many cases, the new recruit will be introducing the concept of prefabricated cupboards to people who have worked in development for decades, so they must be a good communicator and an advocate for new practices in the industry.

“After the past 12 months, 2021 must be the year that businesses re-ignite the UK economy. Apex Core will be stepping up and we hope other UK companies do the same by buying British, stimulating growth and creating jobs.

Development experience is desirable, but not essential. Anyone interested in learning more about the role should contact ku.oc1713571379.snoi1713571379tulos1713571379gniri1713571379wxepa1713571379@siwe1713571379L.eva1713571379D1713571379 for an informal chat.