Apex Wiring Solutions welcomed Durham City MP Mary Kelly-Foy to our factory, for a discussion on local manufacturing and a tour of the Apex Wiring Solutions, Apex Core and Artech Lighting production lines.

Mary, Carl and Dave

Mary, Carl and Dave

Mary is an advocate of skills development, modern manufacturing and the drive for zero carbon, so it was great to show her how Apex is committed to the creation of skilled manufacturing jobs in Durham and how our many products are ideal to address the climate crisis.

We took the chance to talk to Mary about the many benefits of offsite manufacturing and how modular wiring systems save time, enhance health and safety and are ideal for helping with the UK housing crisis.

Mary was shown our Apex Core manufacturing line, which we created with an investment of £500,000 just over two years ago, she also saw how modular wiring is made and saw the whole production process of how raw material at one end of the plant becomes a leading-edge lighting product by the time it’s passed through Artech’s production system.

We look forward to welcoming Mary back to Apex in the future.